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Then, This.

A big storm blew through the city.

A big storm blew through the city.

Well. It arrived.

A huge, nasty storm. Sideways pouring rain accompanied by high winds that were measured around 120 mph at the airport.

It came fast. It came hard. By about 9:30 am the skies were dark. The light in the house looked like the light you see at pre-dawn. By 10:30am, we lost power. So, I did the only thing I could do. I hit the streets looking for pictures. I didn’t have to look far. The pictures found me.

What did Rumi say? “The thing you seek is seeking you.” Well, it found me. Not to worry. I’m fine. I think everybody is fine. I haven’t read or heard that anybody got hurt. At least as a direct cause of the storm.

The damage? Well, freight cars fell off the long, rickety and almost ancient Huey P. Long bridge about 100 feet to the ground. Many streets were flooded. A lot of trees were knocked down. There seems to be some signs blowing around. The airport closed. Not only were the wind gusts much too strong for anything to fly, but they lost power just like the rest of us.

Personally? Well, the pool has about one-third of one of our big trees lying in it. I called a professional for that. Our street flooded over the sidewalk. But, that’s it. The flooding created yet another huge pot hole at the corner. But, we are used to that. Our veggie garden is in shambles and if we don’t dry out soon, the veggies well rot because of — get this, California — too much water. My biggest personal loss? I had a big golf umbrella. You know the ones. Huge. Could probably keep four people dry. Well, a strong gust of wind turned it inside out. Usually, that breaks an umbrella. But, oh no. This umbrella just didn’t break. It exploded into a billion pieces.

All in all, it wasn’t so bad. We have all been through worse.

Why did I go out? I’ve been laying back too much. Getting too comfortable. That needed to change. Besides, you can’t shoot pictures if you don’t hit the streets. Well, you can. But, that’s not my style.



  1. Thank you on both counts. Not so tough. Just used to it. Since I know that there is no “perfect” place, I just pick the one I can live with. 🙂


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