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Dancing Part Two



I’m getting to the place where I’m getting very low on pictures that I want to show you. That’s not to say that I haven’t been working. But, I’m shooting pictures for all those book projects. Standing alone they don’t always make sense. They need to be hung together in some kind of story form.


It’s spring. Time for a little spring cleaning.

I realized that I’d never shown you these pictures, so here we go. Dancing Part Two.

While I was trying to upload them to Storyteller, WordPress said. “Nope. Storage too full.” I was expecting that, so I went into my files and cleaned out the extra stuff. Boy… let me tell you. I started this blog on eBlogger, many years ago. When I transferred the published pages it appears I transferred everything including pictures that were just saved via Google. Some that were never intended to see the light of day. That made my housekeeping easier. I also removed huge files, which was my way of doing things early on. I also removed anything that was remotely duplicated.

Why am I telling you all of this?

I suppose I’m really addressing the photographers among you. WordPress gives us a pretty good amount of free storage. No complaints there. But, learn from me. I didn’t really make any mistakes. Blogging is really just a process. You learn as you go. The biggest take away is to Just keep your stored files cleaned up and up to date. You know. Relevant.


I’m still trying to decide if I should delete just about all the picture files from WordPress. Every image is stored twice on various hard drives and in clouds — actually six times total. Twice as a RAW file. Twice as working TIFF. Twice as a finished TIFF. I don’t save jpegs made for Storyteller except on WordPress servers. They are generally too small do much with.

They are a nice record of the blog. But, the blog itself is that. The pictures will live on in the published pages.

Whaddy’all think? Should I clean out all the back files? Or, should I just leave them until the next time I need more room?

Wow! Spell check truly hates the word I just made up. “Whaddy’all.”

The young shows us how...

The young shows us how…







  1. I like that first photo cause really not sure what that guy is doing. Is he dancing or trying to run? and second the lady on the right, is hold a canon ae-1. Film is still alive:)


  2. Jennifer, one of the reasons my pictures aren’t posted immediately like so many people think they must do, is because I prefer to let them marinate. A little time takes the emotion out of what you photographed and you can see the picture for what it is. If you check out today’s Storyteller, you’ll see that all is pretty good. Of course, it’s dark and overcast so there’s no telling what will happen today. The temperature is way down for this time of year. That’s great.


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