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This is What Happens.

Rain, traffic, rain...

Rain, traffic, rain…

This is my secret fast way home when I’m out in Jefferson Parish.

I use it to avoid traffic on I-10 when I’m going to the airport. Usually, I can zip along at just about any speed I want. It’s called Earhart Expressway. Yep. Named after the famous aviator. Or, Aviatrix in the terminology of the 1930’s when she was lost to history.

The word expressway is what’s most important to me. There are three entrances outbound and two inbound to New Orleans. I think the entire thing is about  six or seven miles long. You can really move along if you like that sort of thing.

Once, in its original planning, this was going to be a two or three exit roadway from Tulane Avenue in the city directly to the airport. But, something happened. I don’t know exactly what. Today, it stops at a street called Dickory. It just ends. There are two other streets that sort of work their way into Dickory. Hickory and Dock. I’m still looking for the mouse that ran up the clock. I doubt the original plan could be completed today. There are apartments, and little neighborhoods in the way that were built since this “fast-moving” expressway was planned.


When I was out in “da parish” dodging tornadoes and photographing rusting trains, I thought I would the “super secret” on ramp right near the train yard. From there I would be home in 10 or 15 minutes. Easy. Breezy.

Oh no.

With a lot of surface streets partially flooded it seems like EVERYBODY had the same idea. It took me well over 25 minutes just to reach the end of this thing. Then I got to the New Orleans city streets, many of which were flooded. Whew.

I guess I took the long way home. Or, at least the crowded way home.


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