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Desire Neighborhood

Club Desire

Club Desire

Be patient. Take a step back. Look in front. Look toward the sides. Look behind. Watch the light. Get closer, Stand back.

All of this stuff goes through my mind when I approach a scene. It’s automatic. I don’t think I know any experienced working photographer who doesn’t think this way, while completely forgetting he or she does this. It just sort of happens. It’s ingrained. It’s about finding the picture in the middle of a large scene. Sort of like the internet. Lots of noise. Almost no signal. How do you see that thing? That thing that matters. Sometimes, it just means coming back and looking at a place you are starting to finally get to know a little better.

That’s what I did. I kept coming back.

This is the Desire neighborhood. Or part of it. The part above Law Street and below Florida Street. The part that was a little town, by itself. A downtown way downtown.

I don’t know what’s coming back here.  If it ever will. If it should.

Club Desire, which started jumping on Mardi Gras 1948, closed in 1972 with the death of the owner. It hung on a bit for one-off concerts and dances. The owner’s daughter did what she could. Along came Hurricane Katrina. The storm flooded the entire neighborhood with 15 feet of water. Some people came back. To start again. Many did not. Some of the neighborhood has come back. Sort of. A lot has not.

But, here we are. The tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall at Buras LA, on August 29, 2005. A decade has passed.

This is the business end of the Desire Neighborhood. The spring flowers like it.

Hurricane Season starts on June 1. It’s supposed to be a light one. Maybe no storms getting into the Gulf.

We’ll see.

Wylies Minor Repairs on Cars & Trucks

Wylies Minor Repairs on Cars & Trucks




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