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The Long Way Around

Inside. Find the photographer.

Inside. Find the photographer.

Back to the scene… of the music. Back to the Desire neighborhood in the 9th Ward. First, good news. Club Desire is still standing. It looks like there may be some movement. The back area is now fenced off and there are cars and trucks parked there. This may mean nothing. Or, it could mean that some kind of work may begin. Hopefully, work of the restorative nature. I’ll check it out further.

I decided to explore what is left of upper end of the street. Desire.

There isn’t much left to what was once a very vibrant, but too often violent, neighborhood. There are still a few working businesses there. A food store and a barber sharp. There is also Sean’s, another abandoned music club a few buildings up from Club Desire. How many buildings? Well, I’m not sure. It is one building away today. But, there are at least three foundation slabs in between. Could have been more, depending on the age of what was there once.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t know much about Sean’s. It’s official name was “Sean’s Sports Bar,” but it had a big stage. Enough to crowd maybe an eight piece band on to it. I doubt it has the age of Club Desire, which was originally opened on Mardi Gras Day, 1948. It is also nowhere near as large. I suspect that Sean’s was a dive bar that may have opened after the storm blew through town ten years ago. But, that’s just me thinking out loud.

Oh yeah. Find the photographer.

Looking to the street.

Looking to the street.

Seans 3

Sean's club.

Sean’s club.


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