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Making Music

Grass bands and the Street.

Brass bands and the street.

Second line parades. They are a combination of things. Gangs. Social clubs. Kings. Queens. The people who join in. And, the music. For me, especially the music. Always the music.

I like big noisy, chaotic brass bands. I think that, brass often makes the song. Sheesh, even in rock n’ roll. Where would The Rolling Stones have been without the late Bobby Keyes? So, as the parade begins to unfold I move away from gangs and focus a little bit on the musicians making the joyous racket. That’s what you’re seeing today.

Let’s talk picture for a minute. Just for a minute. Why for “just” a minute? I’m one of those people who thinks the subject is really what matters. How you got to the picture really doesn’t matter, which is why I rarely talk about gear or how I do whatever it is I do in post production. As the late, and very great, Ernst Haas used to say “That’s just stuff.”

But, but, but…

Look at the second picture. Oooh wee… look at that sharp eye. Right there in the heart of the picture. Do you know how many times that I’ve tried to wrap an out of focus portion of the picture around a very sharp sliver and failed? Oh, maybe 4,879,290 times. I’d like to say that was all me. But, I’d be lying if I did that. That’s the camera. Its sensor. It’s focusing module and maybe a little of my timing. But, just maybe. Sometimes, you just play to your gear and it its limitations.

Making music... a tight portrait

Making music… a tight portrait

The tuba starts it.

The tuba starts it.


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