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A Study in Purple

Purple Big Chief

Purple Big Chief

Photography Lesson Number 1,276,368.

Sometimes one picture is enough. Most times, in fact. Often I view various online picture sources including my blogging colleagues on WordPress, look at the number of pictures that they published on a single subject, at one time, in one day and wonder, “What were you thinking?”

Too many pictures. Too many close duplicates. Too many pictures that weaken the topic. You know, more is less. Musicians say that when some guy goes off on an extended solo that is overly long that there are “too many notes.” Or, that there should be space between the notes so that the music can breath.

I almost fell victim to the too many notes or too many pictures thing.


I have about eight street pictures from Super Sunday that I want to show you. They are really sort of scene setters. But, this picture just stands out for me unlike all the rest. I may eventually show the other pictures to you, but for me this is “THE PICTURE.” It’s a result of seeing the light on his face when I was out there in the “battleground” and knowing almost immediately what to do with it in post production.

Why bore you with the rest, today? I can bore you with them tomorrow. Heh!



  1. Good stuff…even down to the musicians quote…I digress lest I say too much 😉


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