The storm was coming. That didn’t stop me from photographing what I saw along River Road. The funny thing about this place is that I’ve probably passed by about twenty times. I kept sticking it in the back of my mind, thinking that I’d get to it soon. But, I didn’t. That’s just the way it […]

What a difference a day makes. For the past few days, we’ve had nothing but storms. Rain. Wind. Humidity. Truth be told, we haven’t really seen blue skies very much over the past few weeks. But. Today came. It always does, doesn’t it? We went outside to begin a morning walk. I knew it was […]

Well. It arrived. A huge, nasty storm. Sideways pouring rain accompanied by high winds that were measured around 120 mph at the airport. It came fast. It came hard. By about 9:30 am the skies were dark. The light in the house looked like the light you see at pre-dawn. By 10:30am, we lost power. So, […]

Spring. Storms. Sideways Rain. That’s what we have in Southeast Louisiana, You see them coming. You do whatever it is you are doing. When they turn really bad you seek shelter. Or, you just keep going. I knew this storm was coming. My smart phone told me. Yap. Yap. Yap. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. I could […]

I couldn’t stand it. I just had to go make pictures even with another impending storm. Over the years I’ve become a Louisianan. Go about your business when you hear storm warnings until the storm actually arrives. If it’s not too bad, just keep doing whatever you were doing. If it turns sporty, find a little […]

I’m getting to the place where I’m getting very low on pictures that I want to show you. That’s not to say that I haven’t been working. But, I’m shooting pictures for all those book projects. Standing alone they don’t always make sense. They need to be hung together in some kind of story form. […]

The levees that  border the Mississippi River are huge. They aren’t what you are thinking when you hear the word levee. These things are wide at the top and broad at the bottom. There is a pathway on the top that bikers, runners and walkers share. Dogs share it too. Sometimes service and maintenance trucks and […]

Earth Day. Yes. I know. I’m a day late. It’s just that I wanted to actually take the picture on Earth Day. I’ll just have to start planning better. Next time, I’ll take the picture, go into the studio, do the post production and post. But, that seems like the same everybody else is doing. […]

Just a few more pictures from Sunday’s Ole & Nu second line parade. It’s all about the joy. All about the celebration. A quick reminder, although I’ll be photographing whatever I see, second line parades are on hiatus for the next two Sundays while Jazzfest takes over the city. They will return on Mother’s Day, […]