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Life. In The Way.

Downtown Mardi Gras Indians

Downtown Mardi Gras Indians

Yes. Sometimes life jumps into your world and disrupts plans. In this case, as you know, I’ve been working on two big projects. “Ten Years Later” and “The Chitlin’ Circuit.” But, New Orleans culture got in the way. Sort of. That is, if you consider the Downtown Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday getting in the way. I don’t. This is a big part of what I photograph locally.

And, you should know that the Indians show their new suits on Mardi Gras Day — Fat Tuesday — and again on one of two Super Sundays. Uptown or Downtown. And, On St. Joseph’s Night. Some are singers and dancers so they might show up on various stages. But, not all. Only a few. The other time they come out is for a jazz funeral, usually of a big chief or other important member of the Mardi Gras community.

That’s all.

So, you see them, pay your respects and photograph them when you can. I’ll show you a few more pictures over the next couple of days. As many of you know, I like to start with portraits. Street portraits.

Downtown Mardi Gras Indians.

Downtown Mardi Gras Indians.

Downtown Mardi Gras Indians.

Downtown Mardi Gras Indians.



    • Well, you know, I’ve got deadlines now. This “getting in the way” stuff can’t happen too often. It takes me too long to recover from 5 or 6 hours on the streets.


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