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I Just Can’t Remember

More Ruins

More Ruins

Inner Harbor Navigation Channel. That’s its formal name. Around here we call it The Industrial Canal. It is lined by a levee. Or, more accurately, a series of levees. This structure sort of site in front of one. One of the very levees that broke so badly during Hurricane Katrina and destroyed the Lower 9th Ward. It’s still pretty much destroyed.

This place was a grain elevator — I think — that was working along the upper end of the canal, closer to Lake Ponchartrain. I’m not sure if it was abandoned before the storm, but it is now. I sort of discovered it while I was wandering about after photographing a second line parade. Remember… I “discover” stuff about a decade after everybody else is well aware of it. The best thing about this place is that it is wide open. No locked gates. No barbed wire fences. People drive down to the docks and fish from it. They seem to catch a lot. I’m not sure I’d eat what they catch. The water is full of oil and benzine, and chemicals.

A little change.

In a few months. A little over two months to be exact, we will be heading into hurricane season. Yeah. Another one. It is what it is. If you live in the Gulf Coast you accept it, prepare for it and say a lot of prayers.  29 August marks a decade since so many people’s lives were uprooted and changed forever.

I have a whole host of projects to work on, but I’m starting one more. Call it, “New Orleans Ten Years Later.” That’s a good working title. Yes. I’m going to write a little more. And, I’m going to focus on the neighborhoods that were most deeply hurt. I can tell you this, just from my wandering around, things are getting better. Buildings that were flood ravaged and destroyed are being repurposed. It may have taken eight or nine years, but stuff is happening. Will we ever be whole again? I can’t say. Can we be better? Probably. Lots of problems within the city. I’ll just on those too.

Rain is falling pretty hard as I write. Not to worry. It’s only March.



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