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10,000,000 Cameras & Me

So many photographers....

So many photographers….

I just read another blog post. “Photography is Dead,” it proclaimed. Yeah, well tell it to the thousands of people with cameras who came out last Sunday for Super Sunday. These people were all geared up. Normally, you see folks with their smart phones, many with some kind of tablet and some with small consumer cameras.

Not on Sunday.

They came out with gear. Real camera gear. DSLRs. Cameras with far more than the short zoom kit lens that normally is packaged with the camera. Some were using multiple bodies like I do. One body had a short wide sense. The other body, for something longer. Some guys were using medium format cameras. And, get this, film. They were everywhere. And, anywhere.

That’s all good.


Who are these people? Where did they come from? Better yet, why? I’ve never seen most of them at any second line parade. I’m not even sure they were out for Mardi Gras. I understand that Mardi Gras Indians are a very colorful cultural group of people. But, still…

And, my final question.

What are the going to do with what must be hundreds of thousands of digital files?

Yeah. I know WordPress says they have something like 90,000,000 blogs. That’s just WordPress.

That’s a lot of words. And pictures.

One more thing. Look carefully at the bottom picture. Semi-selfie alert.

A little photographer

A little photographer

Crowds of photographers

Crowds of photographers

Me... in the Corner

Me… in the Corner



  1. Thank you, Jennifer. I don’t know about film being the days. I’d much rather work in a nicely lit room that doesn’t stink of chemicals.


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