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Rough Weather

Flooded Swamp

Flooded Swamp

Rain. Fog. Rain. More Rain. Except for the little break that I used when I took pictures of the Tulips, we’ve had rain since Sunday. When the hard rain ceased for a few hours, the stuff falling from the sly turned into a very wet fog. Today is Friday. The ground is soggy. Water logged. The yard looks like a lake. Our normal walking and running paths look like a swamp. But, as they say, “when the weather turns bad, the pictures get good.”

Maybe I should go look for some good pictures today. Depending on which weather app you use, or station you listen to, it’s either going to rain until Saturday or it might stop later this afternoon. Or, with a third storm approaching from the Gulf, it might just keep raining. For 40 days.




Spring Battle

Spring Battle


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