Second lines. Mardi Gras Indians. Street music. All part of “da cultcha.” A big part. A big part of New Orleans. A great reason to visit. A great reason to live in New Orleans. If you come, enjoy yourselves, know where you are, be respectful, if you take pictures say thank you. If you live here, […]

Yes. Sometimes life jumps into your world and disrupts plans. In this case, as you know, I’ve been working on two big projects. “Ten Years Later” and “The Chitlin’ Circuit.” But, New Orleans culture got in the way. Sort of. That is, if you consider the Downtown Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday getting in the […]

Even though I haven’t written too much about it, I’m really photographing two big projects at once. You know about “Ten Years Later.” You might have an idea about my history of music project if you remember the pictures of Club Desire in the 9th Ward. Or, I should say pictures of the ruins of… Anyway. […]

This picture fits into my Ten Year Project very well. Especially in mid-spring. Well, almost late spring for us. It’s about rebirth. Yellow is about joy. Flowers are about happiness. Green. Well, what can I say about the new, fresh greens of Spring? You just like them. Right? But. Lurking in the background is an […]

So. I started. I wrote that I was going to begin about the recovery in post-Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. We are approaching our ten-year anniversary. Seems like the right time. I am photographing what still needs work and what has been done. There are a lot of contrasts. There are a lot of similarities. In […]

Inner Harbor Navigation Channel. That’s its formal name. Around here we call it The Industrial Canal. It is lined by a levee. Or, more accurately, a series of levees. This structure sort of site in front of one. One of the very levees that broke so badly during Hurricane Katrina and destroyed the Lower 9th Ward. It’s still pretty […]

If you didn’t take a picture, you weren’t there. That’s what they say. Today. I guess that means that I’m always there. Every time. Every place. Just a few remaining scenes from the second line. And, some of the people who watch them. Or, who participate in some way.

Second lines. They are a neighborhood thing. They are for everybody. Even though the parade is led by some specific group, anybody who wants to join in, can. That’s the whole point of the name, second line. The second line is everybody who wants to participate. Anybody at all. Once, I said to another photographer that I […]

You never know. Yesterday, when this picture was made, the temperature at parade time was in the low 80s. It was hot. It was humid. Rain was starting to fall. It appeared that summer arrived and skipped right over most of spring. So, those of us involved in the second line sort of felt like […]