A Little Change

Old pump house. Lower 9th Ward.
Old pump house. Lower 9th Ward.

Missing. Ain’t der no mo’. There used to be houses in that field. Hurricane Katrina took care of that.

Here we are.

A decade later and the area looks pretty good. But… check out the details. Look at that house in the background, on the left. It still has a blue plastic roof. A Katrina roof. It looks boarded up. All of it looks pretty permanent. Somebody gave up.

If the field in the foreground wasn’t starting its early Springtime growth, you’d see pieces and parts of what was there once.

By the way, you can’t see it in this picture, but behind me and to the left is the levee. It’s part of the one that broke so badly. A decade ago. Funny how time flies when you are having fun.


  1. so the storm is gone. and the disaster is somewhat gone. and the city is now somewhat there if you do not mind all of the people that were there are mostly somewhere else ? the like button certainly does not cover this and does not at all apply. sometimes pictures reveal what is not there to be shown….


    1. Well, the city is packed if you live where I live with new people who don’t understand New Orleans. I suspect that many of the people who chose not to return have better lives. In many ways, New Orleans is a hard place to live.


      1. i suspect that many who did not return had no choice about returning. the picture shows very little to come back to. some of it still not ready for someone to come back.


  2. Probably in the Lower 9th…. yes. There was nothing to come back, they had no or very little insurance and they couldn’t prove providence when it came to family property. But, when I lived in the 7th Ward — where the realtors called it Esplanade Ridge — many of my neighbors didn’t come back because they found better jobs, better housing and had a much better quality of life where they landed.


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