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The End. Or, the Beginning.

Zulus. Mardi Gras Day.

Zulus. Mardi Gras Day.

Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday. A very, very long day. It starts with this. Zulus. 8 am in Central City.

Yeah, I know I’m late. Everybody posted pictures of this parade and just about every other possible Mardi Gras event on every possible social media. I guess their secret dream is to become a news photographer, where quality is sacrificed for speed and a 24 hour news cycle.

Me? I like to let my work marinate. I like to let the emotions I felt on the field settled down. I like to know that the picture I show you, and my agencies, is really what I think it is. That’s just me.

Mardi Gras 2015, New Orleans.

Oh. Over the course of the parade season I made some 9,000 exposures. The’s a lot of pictures. Too many. But, when you are working in low light, in weird conditions and so on, you tend to back yourself up by making multiple exposures of one scene. Redundancy. Fear of failure is another phrase that comes to mind.

Do you want to see some of the pictures that didn’t make it to Storyteller? I can do sort of a wrap up, maybe by Friday or the start of next week.



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