I got the idea for publishing the top picture from a Facebook friend who said something like she didn’t think telephone poles could be art until she saw a picture I published a couple of days ago. Well, if poles lining the sides of pictures might be art, what about a picture made up of […]

New Orleans. It’s not quite what you think. Is it? When you get out in the far reaches of the 9th Ward, the city turns into country and back again. I made this picture from the levee at the Industrial Canal. This is the levee that broke and flooded the Lower 9th Ward. But this is closer to […]

Missing. Ain’t der no mo’. There used to be houses in that field. Hurricane Katrina took care of that. Here we are. A decade later and the area looks pretty good. But… check out the details. Look at that house in the background, on the left. It still has a blue plastic roof. A Katrina […]

Remember that really colorful second hand-antique store picture I published a couple of days ago? This place was two doors down from it. Sometimes, it’s easy. Sometimes it’s very hard. Georgia O’Keeffe was once quoted as saying that she never worked when it was hard. Lucky her.