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1939 Gibson Guitar

Making music in an old building.

Making music in an old building.

Once a food store and cafe. And, one of the sets for the James Brown bio-pic. Soon to be a bar and musical hall.

Yes. That’s a 1939 Gibson guitar.

Natchez, Mississippi



    • Thank you. If the guitar was in good original shape it is worth around $15,000. It should be black with a sunburst on the front. Somebody painted it cream colored before this musician bought it. He is slowly restoring it back to original, but it is a very easy player so he keeps playing it.

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      • thanks Ray – and wow – that is a lot of moola. and I really like the picture – with all the open space! 🙂


      • Thank you. You know, for a guitar of that vintage that’s not so much money. We go to some musical instrument auctions and the prices reach to the stars. Do you remember the black Stratocaster that Eric Clapton used to play. It was called “Blackie.” $1.2 million.

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      • whoa! now that is a lot of money – that is crazy. and if that is the one he played in 1992 – then guess what? I saw him play live with it – we wen to see him in the Tampa area that year – even though i do not recall his guitars – but just looked it up and think he had it that year –
        And I once heard that someday willie nelson’s beat up guitar will be (or is) worth millions too


  1. prior 1… EC retired Blackie in 1985. It was built from three 1950s Strats by a luthier in Nashville in 1970, if I recall the story. Toward the end of Blackie’s playing career it developed neck problems that made tuning almost impossible. In 1992, he like was playing his signature guitar. Yeah, Willie’s guitar and Neil Young’s “Old Black,” — beat up Les Paul he mostly plays — will probably both sell in that price range. I suppose you know that EC says he is ending touring on his 70th birthday in March. He’ll play his traditional 10 night residence at Royal Albert Hall and one benefit in the UK and that’s it except for one offs.


    • Thank you. I’m not sure where you live, but if you ever get to Memphis, Gibson has a huge showroom, museum and factory — in which you can take tours and watch them make guitars.


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