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The View

View from the rainbow shaped bridge in the Bywater.

View from the rainbow shaped bridge in the Bywater.

I couple of days ago, I told you about walking on the “rainbow bridge.” I mentioned that it has an amazing view. Well. Here it is. If you turn to the right, you can see the city, and the big boats coming down the river. Well, you can’t in this picture. But you could if you were standing on the bridge. And, you will in the next few days.

I made this picture in silhouette because I shot it at the worst possible time of day to take a picture. Especially anything that is scenery dominated. Around high noon. In very bright sunlight. When I go back, I’ll go specifically for this place. I’ll go around dusk which means in the next week or so because the bridge is gated. It’s locked at 5pm. With the huge uptick in crime in the city, that’s probably a good idea. Walking along the river’s edge in what was an industrial area could get a little sporty after dark. But, during daylight hours there are lots of people and it seems very safe. Must be. A lot of people from Texas were there. Some people who came for the Sugar Bowl were there. Young families with babies were there. It’s a very nice park.




    • I have no idea. Read back a couple of days and I describe it. We do our best to stay out of that part of the 9th Ward. Something about hipsters and all. 🙂


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