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Like a Song

Metallic blue steak bed truck.

Metallic blue stake bed truck.

Like a song… like a Jimmy Buffett song. Maybe, “The Wino and I Know.” It has a line in it that goes something like, “Living my life like a song, and the wino and I know…”

It fits.

A good friend of mine suggested that we see a certain art show in a gallery on St. Claude. The hipster central. For me, something to stay away from. But, we went. And it was closed. Apparently, between normal weekends and holiday breaks, it hasn’t been open since before Christmas. How do I know this, you ask? Two ways. We calendared it and that made sense. But, a guy sitting on a broken chair and drinking a beer told us. He was one of those guys who sit in front of his home and does the same thing every day. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. He knows. Just like the wino in Jimmy Buffett’s song.

We decided to use the other line as well. The one that goes like this, “Living my life like a song.” We wandered around The Bywater, we walked to the new riverside park that you get to by crossing a rusted rainbow. It’s installation art. It’s supposed to be rusted. It looks like a rainbow. I’m not sure it was supposed to be so steep. I was like walking up three flights of stairs. Old stairs. The kind that are very steep. But, it does have an amazing view. I’ll get back to that in a couple of days.

We also ate lunch in my favorite neighborhood dive and made a bunch of pictures. This is one of them. That cool 1951 Ford truck looks the part doesn’t it? Right out of central casting. Ahhhhh. Winter in the semi tropics.

Oh. And the fine folks at AT&T called me on a holiday to ask if I wanted to change smart phone plans. Right.



  1. hmmm, new year’s day psychdelics, I do not know if it is the steak or the truck bed that is metallic blue…. I see the truck being metallic blue, but I imagine the steak in that color, while the truck bed is wood…( I drank nothing but pure Rocky Mountains water today or last night …) Just joshing ! happy days to you Ray.


  2. The truck body is blue. The bed and steaks are restored almost like a boat, very glossy finish and coated with some kind of sealer. I like it because it is a driver. Sometimes when people do that restoration work the vehicle becomes a collector and it stays hidden in some garage. Now, if the owner would just finish the house. Heh.


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