Reflections in a trumpet player's eyes.
Reflections in a trumpet player’s eyes.

Another Sunday, another second line. This one was The Lady Rollers. Hot 8 Brass Band played the songs. Big loud band. They are fairly big time. You can tell the difference. They are a touring band. They record. They’ve been nominated for a Grammy. That’s pretty cool. The parade was made up of The Lady Rollers, members of the Pussyfoot Stompers, the Yakamein Lady (that’s another story) and Poppy Tooker. There were more, but…

Second lines are part of “da cultcha.” You’ve seen a lot of my pictures in the past. I’ve been photographing these things for years. We’ll not that many years. Maybe three. But, I’m getting sort of burnt out. I think some of the paraders are getting burnt out too. Some parades are huge, usually when they are part of a jazz funeral for some local notable. Many seem to be getting smaller. They are expensive for the krewes, gangs and social clubs to put on. Their members are getting older. Younger people are not as attracted to them as they were in the past.

For me, it was a real effort to even want to go to this one. If we didn’t have guests who wanted to see a second line, I doubt I’d have made it. At least we all had a good walk. I kept walking with the parade for far longer than I originally planned. So did the rest of my household. When we started back, I realized we had a three-mile walk ahead of us. Let’s see. Simple math here. 3 + 3. Hmmm. 6? Yeah, that’s it. 6. Six miles total. At least we aren’t lying around during our Christmas break. That’s something.

The picture. Oh, that’s easy. F8 and be there. But, look for details. I’m not sure who exactly his sunglasses are reflecting, but that’s pretty interesting. Yes?

A little housekeeping. I have a troll/stalker. What happened was this. She like one of my posts. Actually, she liked a lot of them. As I did with most of you, I went to her blog and said thank you. Seems reasonable to me. She sent me a private email pretty much attacking me for even thanking her in a long string of words that don’t make sense. I replied very simply as I do in these situations, “I won’t bother you again.” Then it started. She has become in turns; mean, nasty, threatening. All I can tell you is that she’s young, she’s angry and maybe a bit delusional claiming that WordPress is part of a big conspiracy. My point in telling you this, is just be aware and be safe. Yes. I alerted WordPress and their certification site, Gravatar. If they can’t stop her — and they might not be able to — I’ll have to let the Feds know. Local police can’t do much. As you know I’m pretty protective of those for whom I care. I have no idea if this young woman is just noisy and frustrated or if it’s something more. Since I’m pretty much out there on the internet, I prefer to err on the side of caution.


  1. This is a great photo. Why, that’s me in the reflection – dancing in my white pants suit. I love your stuff, Ray!

    Stay safe – and thank you for being candid about your work and those who follow you: fan and foe


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