Series of Dreams. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven

St. Alphonsus.
St. Alphonsus.

So when I finished the last line
I put the book by itself on the shelf
With my heart in it
Never wasting time takin’ the right way home
I know I’m never wastin’ time
Findin’ the right way home

— Jimmy Buffett from Incommunicado (Coconut Telegraph) Copyright 1981

Second line to photograph in a little bit. That’s a good thing. I need to work today. You know why.

A guy from the board of this church — St. Alphonsus — like yesterday’s post enough to link it and to ask me to come back. For a visit. For to maybe take more pictures. That I should become a “Friend of St. Alphonsus.” Maybe I should. We’ll see. At any rate, I thought that he’d see a few more pictures from his church. That’s about the least I can do. Besides, I had fun taking them. The volunteers who tell people about the church were very nice to me. They let me go wherever I want. I had even more fun in post production, making them be what I wanted them to be. I think that you’ll like them too. Some of you may recall earlier versions of a couple of these pictures. I think reworking them changes them. Makes them new. And, you know what they say. It’s all in the details.

St. Alphonsus.
St. Alphonsus.
St. Alphonsus
St. Alphonsus
St. Alphonsus.
St. Alphonsus.
St. Alphonsus
St. Alphonsus
St. Alphonsus..
St. Alphonsus..


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  1. Ray, I can’t get over these photo’s. I know the Church so well, it is stunning. How you have highlighted what needs to be highlighted is a tribute to your discerning artistic eye. I am posting all of this to the Facebook page for The Friends of St Alphonsus. By the way, even the board believed St. Alphonsus was “deconsecrated.” We’ve learned since, no, it wasn’t. Still a consecrated Church. We even had the Archbishop say Mass in the church for us. Great work.


    • Hi. Thanks for that a couple of things. If you haven’t already posted to Facebook, please don’t. Facebook thinks any pictures posted directly to their pages are theirs to do with whatever they want. Instead post one picture directly from here with a back link. That will help to protect my copyright.

      I wouldn’t have said the church was deconsecrated if one the volunteers hadn’t said it was. Because I was a pretty fair reporter in my day, I checked other sources. Two say that it was petitioned for deconsecration in 1990. True enough, they don’t say if the petition was acknowledged. But, the misconception is public enough to be believed as true.

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