St Alphonsus Church
St Alphonsus Church

Thinking of a series of dreams
Where the time and the tempo fly
And there’s no exit in any direction
’Cept the one that you can’t see with your eyes
Wasn’t making any great connection
Wasn’t falling for any intricate scheme
Nothing that would pass inspection
Just thinking of a series of dreams

— Bob Dylan (Oh Mercy), Copyright 1991, Special Rider

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St. Alphonsus Church, once part of a community of churches. This, St. Mary’s Assumption Church and Bon Secour. Once a group of three churches. One for the Irish, One for the Germans and one for the French. Today, Bon Secour is gone having been dismantled years ago, St. Alphonsus was deconsecrated years ago, but seems to be slowly being restored for community use. Even in this picture, you can see a man practicing organ playing if you look far to the right and near the bottom. And, St. Mary’s Assumption which is still used today for Mass and sacraments. Oh… this church was built in 1843. It’s survived a lot, including Hurricane Katrina almost a decade ago. It looks pretty good from a distance, but the closer you get the more you see that cracks and broken bits.