Storm Light.
Storm Light.

I know. Not exactly a Christmas picture. We had huge storm move through the area. It was so bad to the north of us, in Mississippi, that four people lost their lives. The rain came down in buckets, and for a long time. Today, dawn broke with clear blue skies and very nice crisp air. Temperatures are where they are supposed to be for the day before Christmas. Cold to cool.

Our plan is to go to the bonfires along the levee. They guide Papa Noel to New Orleans. But, we are feeling lazy. We’ll see. There is a lot to be said for staying in our neighborhood.

If we do go, we may not go to our usual place upriver in Lutcher. We have a couple of other options. There are the bonfires in a little town called Garyville, where they are being lighted for Papa Noel and to honor the region’s cancer victims. The other is across the river on the Westbank in a teeny, tiny town called Lucy. The town’s residents are lighting one bonfire. The wood has been constructed in a “hands up” shape. Protest is protest. But, Christmas is about coming together. It’s about peace. Maybe we all need to step back and think about what we are really doing. Maybe we should stop doing it. Maybe we should stop yelling at each other and being enraged. Maybe we should start working together. I dunno. Remember, this isn’t a political blog. I really have no opinion other than to work on the things I can actually do.

Yes. I’m a little early. One little Christmas present to myself is to actually turn the big machine off until… maybe the day after Christmas. I can still communicate. But, I really don’t want to work.

And with that, to all a good night. Have a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas.