Christmas balls reflecting in the low dusk light.
Christmas balls reflecting in the low dusk light.

Ornaments. Glowing, Shining.

All at dusk. One of the best times for me to work. Although my Japanese agency says I should shoot under bright sunlight and blue skies. Huh? Let’s think about that for a minute. One, I really don’t do that. Two, and more importantly, those are the kinds of pictures that are so ubiquitous that if they aren’t just stolen and used for free, they are sold in subscription stock packages. Most photographers would be very lucky to make a net of 2 or 3┬ácents per image. Me too. It could be that the Japanese marketplace is so removed from the world that pictures like that still matter. But, doubt it. the Japanese marketplace drives technology. The internet further opened that market.

So. What to do about their request. Likely, I’ll just have to ignore it. There are cultural rules that must be adhered to when you deal with companies throughout Asia. Many years of experience help me to always respect that.

Let’s get back to what really matters. This picture. Same old thing. Wait for dusk. Shoot at whatever appropriate ISO, shutter speed and f-stop┬áthat picture needs and be done with it. The hardest part, as they say, is getting there. Or, in this case, finding the picture.