Coming Through The Door.
Coming Through The Door.

From the ground up. This is what an actual Dumaine Street Gang member looks like. He’s not dressed in sequins, feathers or satin. Just a well cut pair of trousers and a dress shirt. And, a Barbie doll. I don’t know why.

I’m having a little trouble writing this. I’m not sure what more to say. I guess I’m not sure about next Sunday’s parade. I should be home a few hours before it starts. I’m not even sure where in the city it will happen.

I’m trying to decide if I’ve gotten bored photographing these things. It may just be that my flu and its leftovers have just been taking forever to leave. And, that’s making me feel just a little weird.

Or, it may be that even though the costume colors change and, the social clubs change, the brass band members don’t. Aside from the local neighborhood residents, even many of the parade goers are the same. They come out to support each other and to pay their respects to their local neighborhoods. That’s a good thing for them. Not so good for me.

So… it’s all starting to look a little the same to my eyes. It’s been three years of this for me. Sometimes I need a change of subject and scene. To help fight that, I keep looking for changes in angles, views, perspectives. But, it’s hard to find. I can’t even control the light. The light is whatever it happens to be when the parade rolls. An unused, but good angle, would be from above. That’s not easy to find. Even when I do find a suitable place, it’s private property. Often time the best elevation I can get is from a stoop. That’s front porch to most of you. You know just how tall that is… not much.


I’m rethinking a lot of things. Second line parade coverage is just one of them.

The picture. F 8 and be there. A little fine tuning in post production, but that’s about it.