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December Leaves

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

My promise.

I promised you that I would make a shift toward making more nature pictures. I haven’t really kept the promise. Until yesterday. That’s right. Yesterday. For those of you who live in most of The United States, I’m pretty sure your scenery is looking pretty wintry about now. If there isn’t snow on the ground, the trees don’t have leaves. The grasses are dead. No color left for the season. Yeah. Sure, if you live toward the West Coast there might still be a little color.

But, not like down here in swampville. I made this picture yesterday. Yep. December. Almost Christmas. Almost time for the Winter Solstice. Those things are coming. Surely. But, the leaves haven’t fully changed color. Nor, have they fallen. Except for the ones in our yard. They fall as much as they can. Whether they need to or not. Nature thinks I need something to do. Apparently.

This picture. Sometimes I make a picture because I’m lucky. I made this picture because I’m lazy. Usually, I would shoot something like this with a macro lens or a longer lens to help compress the scene. That usually makes it more dynamic. Not this time. I was working with a 16mm lens. I decided I was just not in the mood to change lenses, so I just got close to the leaves and focused on a little seed pod. That’s it. They tell you that wide angle lenses should mostly be used to shoot long scenics in nature. Whoever they are. Rules? Sheesh.

Yes. I added a little glow to make the picture shimmer. But, that’s it.


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