Another Experiment

Another Bridge
Another Bridge

Another day. Another experiment.

I swear I’ll start making new pictures when I start feeling better. I’m hoping that in a few weeks I’ll feel really good and back to feeling like a 90-year-old man. Heh!

Actually, I did make a few pictures today. I’m just gonna tease you by telling you that. I went to pick up a package at the main UPS shipping facility way out in I’m not sure if it’s New Orleans East or the far Lower 9th Ward. Way out there. When I realized where I was, I headed back to the building you know as “I’m Getting Paid Regardless.” A woman about my age was passing by. She lives about five buildings away. She was born and raised there. Her grandpa owned a truck farm there that he bought for 90 cents an acre. He was the son of a slave. See? History is real down here. She told me more about that building than I’d ever hoped to know. And, that’s all I’m telling you. For now. If you really can’t wait, Google “Old Desire Club.” No. That doesn’t mean what you are thinking. Desire is a street. The street on which the building is located. You might recall that there was a play called, “A Streetcar Named Desire.” That really was a thing. The streetcar ran from The French Quarter all the way through The Bywater and to the far end of The Lower 9th Ward. It destination board used to say, “Desire,” because that’s the street it traveled on at the end of its run.

This picture. Fiddle-de-de. Fiddle-de-dum. I’m still ill. I’m not photographing enough so I’m just playing around. The picture was made in the Lower Garden District which has nothing to do with the main body of this post. So there.


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