Lists. I may just be more aware of it this year. It seems that just about everybody is publishing a “Best of 2014” list. It could be anything. In fact, it is anything. Music. Movies. Books. Travel destinations. Bucket lists. Restaurants. Recipes. You name it and somebody has a best of list. That’s cool. For […]

Somebody in this house said something like, “Didn’t we see The Lady Rollers on Sunday?” Yes. “Why did you only publish a picture of a band member?” Uh. Doooooooh! So. Here are a few portraits of the ladies in question. They are from various social aid & pleasure clubs, marching groups and krewes. The Pussyfooters. The Partyline […]

Another Sunday, another second line. This one was The Lady Rollers. Hot 8 Brass Band played the songs. Big loud band. They are fairly big time. You can tell the difference. They are a touring band. They record. They’ve been nominated for a Grammy. That’s pretty cool. The parade was made up of The Lady […]

Thinking of a series of dreams Where the time and the tempo fly And there’s no exit in any direction ’Cept the one that you can’t see with your eyes Wasn’t making any great connection Wasn’t falling for any intricate scheme Nothing that would pass inspection Just thinking of a series of dreams — Bob […]

I know. Not exactly a Christmas picture. We had huge storm move through the area. It was so bad to the north of us, in Mississippi, that four people lost their lives. The rain came down in buckets, and for a long time. Today, dawn broke with clear blue skies and very nice crisp air. Temperatures are […]

Whew. Indeed. We had a little power failure. Living down here in swampville can get weird at times. For the winter solstice the temperature was around 78 degrees as a high. Today, about the same thing. Very humid. So humid that the ground is wet. But, there is no rain. However, the temperatures will drop […]