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Trumpet Player

Trumpet Player

Another Sunday, another second line. This one was walked by The 9 Times Social Aid Club. It was located way, way out in the Lower 9th Ward. So far out, that it was quicker to take the interstate home rather than work my way through city the streets. It took driving out there to figure that out.

The light was amazing. The parade was huge. The people were into the music. I was lucky to be there. I’ve been suffering from the flu. I really wanted to photograph this parade so I went. I got very lucky. I made a lot of very nice pictures. It cost me. Commute time out to this end of the 9th Ward was about an hour. I worked for about an hour. I spent five hours on the couch recovering and coughing and sneezing and thinking maybe I made a mistake. Fortunately, it didn’t cause a real relapse. Lying around gave me a little time to review these pictures and find the ones I like best. Pictures that were a little more than pure documentary.

This is one of them.

This trumpet player is a guy I’ve been seeing play on the streets for maybe three years. We know each other by sight. We always wave, smile or nod at each other. Yesterday, he surprised me. He walked up behind me and blew a note into my ear. Full blast. I turned around and saw who it was. We both started laughing. I decided this was the day to make a better portrait of him. This is the portrait. Enjoy it.



    • Thank you. I think this week is going to be about music. I had a really great shooting day. Sometimes, when I’m sick I sort of forget to think and just make pictures. I’m still coughing, but my head is clearing…

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      • You’re welcome; I look forward to your music posts. I love music! It’s no wonder you’re sick, with the crazy Louisiana weather! Many of my students were sick just before we left for Thanksgiving break. Hope your recovery is speedy and painless.


  1. We have a norovirus roaming around the state. Apparently it is only around in the early part of the cold season. It closed two New Orleans schools. I can pretty much tell you exactly where and when I was exposed. Your students weren’t sick. 🙂 They just took a longer break.


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