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Between two bodies of water.

Between two bodies of water.

Every now and then I remember to head east. Towards Mississippi. But, not into the state. Just to the edge of Louisiana.

I pass by the edge of Lake Ponchartrain where I usually have a look around at what is left of Lincoln Beach and the old amusement park. It is mostly gone now after having been the destination spot in the in the 1950s and up until 1963 when the beach was closed to swimmers. The amusement park was also a musical venue drawing acts like Fats Domino, Irma Thomas, The Neville Brothers and Earl King. There have been big plans for reviving the area. So far, nothing has really happened. There was a clean up of the area in 1999 when the lake water was determined to be clean enough to swim in, but the project ran out of funding. There was another, smaller attempt in 2005ish. Katrina got in the way. Now the area is still recovering from that.

From there, I sort of follow the streets and roads along the edge of the lake and swamp until I make a cut over to Chef Menteur Highway or Highway 90 as it is officially called. This used to be the only way to travel along the Gulf Coast from Florida to almost El Paso, Texas. That must have been a long, hard trip. Today, of course, folks just blast through the Gulf States on Interstate 10. Or, they really give up, drive to the airport and fly.

The top picture is Highway 90 as it crosses just past Fort Pike and over the Rigolets which is a water passageway between Lake Catherine, Lake Borgne and Lake Ponchartrain, with Lake Borgne really being the gate way to The Gulf of Mexico.

The next two pictures are really what is left to see of the Lincoln Beach amusement park, at least until winter really arrives and kills a lot of the plant life. I’ll explore a little deeper then. For now I’ll leave it to the snakes and alligators who make their homes there and hide in the high, dense brush waiting… waiting for me. The arrow is what remains of one of the entrances to the main parking lot. The bottom picture is the part of the back parking lot. As always, nature wins.





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