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Other Ways of Taking a Picture

Behind the Curtain.

Behind the Curtain.

I hope this works. I hope that you get it. I hope that you can even see it.

After all, a drummer photographed behind a screen while he’s hitting the cymbal may not be the most understandable picture in the world. But, just as Storyteller is, it’s an experiment. I like the colors. I like the intent. I’m just not sure…

So, you tell me.

I took the picture at the Central City Festival that I mentioned for the past couple of days. Usually, when I photograph events like this one I do my best not to just document stuff. I try to spin the picture a little. I try to show you something a little different. That’s what I did with this one…



  1. First and foremost, your picture comes from YOU. It is an example of you expressing a part of you. I don’t think it’s necessary for anyone to ‘understand it or get the meaning you intended. In other words… be sure first… know that what you have to say in this world is valuable and just might… without you knowing it, touch another human being deeply.. so deeply they end up believing in themselves a little more or become inspired to do what you’ve done…express themselves… all because they happened upon an example of

    …excellent work by the way… keep it up!


      • Then I humbly offer my apology for…hmmm, thinking I needed to say all I said… Funny think is I still believe the part where someone comes across your work for the first time say and is inspired…

        …I’ll stop there…


  2. No apology needed. But, do yourself a favor and always remember this, “You don’t know what it’s like to be me.” Photograph is how we put food on the table and I’m willing bet my career is older than you are. Wander through here to the .com version and you’ll get the idea. 🙂


  3. hrosson says

    that is a damn good picture man. it works for sure. the composition is tremendous. the brick, the drummer, the letters on the sign. the corner of sky. very nice!


  4. robert87004 says

    I think it is more a mood photo, which inspires an emotional response. I see it as slightly somber or reflective.


  5. robert87004 says

    I have something like 4 or 5 versions of my last photo posted, but admittedly I usually know what I want, whether or not I manage to get there, whether or not it is any good. I think this would make a really good large poster size print, hanging in a public space.


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