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Something like France.

Something like France.

Sunday. Something pretty.

But first, a little transparency and an apology to my Facebook friends who have already seen and liked the square version of this picture. I don’t mean to be doubling up, but since your response was so good I thought I would share this with my Storyteller friends too.

This picture is what it is, so I’ll just tell you how I made it. We took a walk. In a park. A three-mile walk, just so you know. I was testing my new iPhone 6. This is the first picture I took with it. I processed it using the phone and Snapseed. It really is just pure data. The version that my Facebook friends saw was square because I uploaded it through Instagram who thinks the world should be square. A designer I once knew used to say that square pictures show a lack of vision and intent on the part of the creator and the designer. I agree. To a point. Just don’t force me into the point.

Make no mistake. I’m no Apple fan boy. I replaced an iPhone 4s because my iPhone 4 gave up the ghost in the middle of a long tour. I didn’t have ten business days plus shipping time to have it repaired. Since the iPhone 5 was on the scene, Apple sold the 4s to me for $49. It was packed to the gills. I couldn’t load another picture without deleting an old one. I couldn’t download apps because there was no more memory. I’m not a techie guy. I just use my stuff. So, this new phone was long overdue. Oh. My review. It’s the best phone Apple has made to date. Obviously, I’m not big on long reviews.

That, my friends, is the story.


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