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The West

The road.

The Road.


I keep writing about New Mexico. If you go back to my very earliest posts here, on Storyteller, you’ll see that’s all they were about. Those posts were transferred from eBlogger. I wrote many of them when I lived in New Mexico.

New Mexico?

The storm. Hurricane Katrina was a big game changer for everybody. 80% of New Orleans was destroyed or at least water-logged. My house sat in 6 feet of water for about six weeks.  It was sold “as is” rather than put money into a house that I never wanted to return to. That worked out very well. First to Lake Charles, Louisiana which was a gate way to Texas and back to New Orleans. And, then… well that wasn’t going to do it when “real life” resumed, so it was off to New Mexico. I thought I always wanted to retire there. It was a great move… for a couple of years. It took a long time to heal from the trauma of having life ripped apart in about two days. But, I started getting bored. And, there is something about New Orleans. We started spending holidays there. Thanksgiving. Mardi Gras (Yes, Mardi Gras is a holiday), Christmas. You know. The usual.

Eventually. I knew it. Home was calling me just as it does everybody who finds their way to New Orleans. I guess we — as in all of us who call the city home — miss a lot of very unique things about the place. Some good. Some not so good. Here’s one of the worst. A new report was released sometime this week. I saw it yesterday. We are 26th in the world. At what you ask. We are the 26th most dangerous city in the world. Only two places behind Detroit and they went bankrupt. Some of the other places you may have heard of are located in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Oh well.

Yes. Moving on has crossed my mind.

These pictures. It must have been about three weeks before the planned move back to New Orleans when I heard on the radio that there was a big fire burning south of Los Lunas, New Mexico. I haven’t really covered news events in years, but I thought that there might be an opportunity to make some more general statement kinds of pictures about the region and the environment. So, off I went.

You can’t miss a wild fire burning in New Mexico. You can see the smoke for miles. Sheesh, a fire burning in eastern Arizona fills the sky above Albuquerque with smoke.

I made these pictures and a lot more on that four-hour day trip. The move took place and I forgot about these pictures… until last night. I was working with a new version of some photo manipulation software and noticed that it could dig deeper into my files than the previous version. So it dug and I found this work. I’ve never understood how people come up with “lost” anything. Musicians released collections of newly discovered music. Photographers do it all the time. I thought that I was fairly buttoned up when it came to my files and how I locate them.

Apparently, I’m not. I’m no different from anybody else. Thankfully. Whew…. that was close.

Burned Trees.

Burned Trees.

Big Sky

Big Sky



  1. robert87004 says

    Vera lived in New Mexico and so did I, as you know, and we know something of what you write. I also think that NM becomes part of you – in a positive way.


  2. I lived there for a couple of years after Katrina. It was very healing at the time. Eventually, the swamps kept calling. If you big deep enough into Storyteller, you’ll see a lot more about about NM because I started writing while I was still there.


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