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Road Trips

Looking Back.

Looking Back.

Road trips. They begin. They end. Somewhere in the middle is sort of a mid-point. A turn around place. Sometimes, that’s the destination. You get there. You stay there for a while. You return. In this case, it was unplanned. We just decided that we’d driven up river far enough and that we needed to start heading back. Back to New Orleans.

It turned out that our mid-point was that wonderful cemetery. You know that I like cemeteries. But, this one was great. Old stuff. Repainted stuff. The feeling of being in the country. Sugar cane fields. Incredible light. Even though we were in cemetery, I think that we hated to leave. It was peaceful there. Not just for the residents.


The top picture is what I saw as we got ready to leave. The bottom picture is where the car actually was parked. The bottom picture can’t stand alone. It needs a subject in the light spot right in the center. It could be anything. A person. A farm implement. A little red wagon. Anything. But as a second picture to highlight the story telling image it works just fine.

Out Buildings

Out Buildings



  1. Thank you very much. Good place for meetings. Next time contact us. We’ll take you to coffee or lunch. We could be at the the other house… 19 degrees there. Not doing that this weekend.


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