The Road

Out on the road.
Out on the road.

Road trips. Car trips. Traveling. Those words conjure up a certain set of feelings. At least in The United States they do. Other countries probably share those feelings. But, here in the US, they have a special sort of — I dunno — place? Time?  Maybe it’s about freedom. Or, potential. A dream.

I try to make “out on the road” pictures whenever we are out on the road. They are different from documenting a place. They are about that sense of what is it like to… be on the road. Moving and looking at whatever you come across.

These pictures aren’t easy to make, let alone take. The light is often all wrong. Or, I’m going in the wrong direction. Maybe, I’m tired of driving and just want to get there. Where ever there is. If I’m really on a road trip. There could just be my planned rest stop for the night. A cheap motel somewhere along the road. Or, a fuel stop. Or, my final destination. I think, sometimes, when I’m zooming by that I’ll come back to it later. I never do. Nobody ever does. I’m no more special than the next guy.

There’s another secret. These kinds of pictures come along when they do. When they are ready. That’s why no matter what, even if most of my gear is packed for the long distance I might be traveling, there is always a camera in the car with me. You just never know. Like this picture. We were on our way home from our day out. On our way back from our day of reflection. Heading east on Highway 61. In Southeast Louisiana. Not really all that far from New Orleans. We came upon one of those more modern fuel stops. You know — get gas, eat, shop and gamble. Eating at one of those places is a big enough gamble. I don’t need to go into the casino. As we came to the end of the lot I saw this scene… from the highway. Luckily, there was a stoplight there. That’s one of the benefits of traveling the so-called blue roads. You can actually correct your mistake without having to travel 20 miles. I stopped, made a left hand turn and there I was.

I originally made this scene too light, too bright and too colorful. What you are seeing is the third reworking of the picture. Sometime it comes to me right off. Sometimes I have to live with, let it marinate and change me.


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