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A New reopens Mansion converted into an apartment building.

A New reopens Mansion converted into an apartment building.

I read about this place. I hadn’t seen until I went looking for it. That’s especially odd since I used to live in the neighborhood. It is around the corner from the race track where Jazzfest is held. When I found it, which wasn’t hard given that it is the very biggest building on its street, I was amazed by its size and its history. It is the Florence Luling Mansion. Luling is also the name of the town where we go to watch the Christmas Eve bonfires that are lighted to guide St. Nick down the Mississippi River to New Orleans.

History. The Lulings were cotton factors who arrived from England to make a fortune in Southeast Louisiana. They owned a piece of this land since 1861, bought the rest of it in 1864 and completed this building in 1866.It was designed by one of our most famous architects, James Gallier. The family only lived it in it for a couple of years, selling it in 1871 to the Jockey Club. They held on to it until the 1920s, when the land was sold in parcels with only this building remaining. For me, that’s a very interesting history. I think the timing is off. The city was in the midst of the Civil War when this place was supposedly built. New Orleans was a Confederate city until it was captured by Union forces in May of 1862. I cannot imagine much big construction got done. There are a number of issues that don’t ring quite true in the history of the building. I look into it further. Yes. I really will. I’ll add it to my ever-growing list of stuff to do.

Anyway. The light was all wrong when I made this picture. So, I tinkered with it and made the picture my own in some very weird ways. I promised  myself that I would go back around dusk. You know how that goes. You don’t do it. But, I did. Film crews blocked off the street and were making a movie or television show there. We are, after all, Hollywood South. I will go back again. Later.



  1. Penny says

    It is a beautiful old house in an interesting location. Took kids from Holy Rosary to look at it a few times when walking around the neighborhood. They loved photographing it.


  2. Hi Penny. I’m going to try to ask to get into the grounds. The front is interesting, but from what I can see the back is even more so. I bet those kids’ pictures were good.


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