Experimentation Sunday

It’s Sunday. I experiment. Or, I go photograph a second line parade. I’m too still sick to go out in the street and work. I thought I was better yesterday. But, this damn flu just won’t let go. I haven’t been able to really work in a week. It’s making me crazy. But, it isContinue reading “Experimentation Sunday”

Out on the Road. Eight.

I found this crumpled piece of paper in my computer. No, no, no… that’s not it. I made this picture look this way. There is no crumpled picture. It’s all digital now. Zeros and ones. Data. But, you know that. This is Florida Street. It’s located in the Lower 9th Ward. When you get toContinue reading “Out on the Road. Eight.”

I Almost Forgot

“I’m getting paid regardless.” I don’t know who wrote that on this building. I don’t know why. Or, when. But, I like the sentiment. I’ll get to that in a minute. I took this picture on the way to some place else. It seems that I do that a lot. This time I was headedContinue reading “I Almost Forgot”

All The Rest

This is about the last of the musical second line parade adventure. I have more pictures. Many more pictures. But, there comes a time when you just don’t want to show every picture that you took on a particular shoot. There isn’t enough time in YOUR day for that. I have some blogging colleagues who publishContinue reading “All The Rest”

Music. Three. Horn. Two.

I seem to be consumed with brass instruments. With Horns. And, trumpets. If this picture had been made in a studio or just in my own location it wouldn’t mean so quite much to me. But, I made this in the middle of a parade. I was being jostled around. Bounced around. Knocked around. I am trulyContinue reading “Music. Three. Horn. Two.”

Music. Two.

I write about working closely to the subject. Is this close enough? I was working so closely that I could be playing this trumpet. I could if I knew how. Actually, I was standing in the band and I sort of stuck my camera out in front of all of us to make this picture.Continue reading “Music. Two.”


Another Sunday, another second line. This one was walked by The 9 Times Social Aid Club. It was located way, way out in the Lower 9th Ward. So far out, that it was quicker to take the interstate home rather than work my way through city the streets. It took driving out there to figureContinue reading “Music”


Simplicity. A few weeks back when I took part in the black & white challenge a few of you said you’d like to see more work in my “new” media. Okay. Thank you. My new media isn’t so new. Like many photographers around my age, I first started working in a wet darkroom when IContinue reading “Simplicity”


Every now and then I remember to head east. Towards Mississippi. But, not into the state. Just to the edge of Louisiana. I pass by the edge of Lake Ponchartrain where I usually have a look around at what is left of Lincoln Beach and the old amusement park. It is mostly gone now afterContinue reading “Places”

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