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Natural Things

Fall Comes. Finally.

Fall Comes. Finally.

The caption says it all. Fall comes. Finally.

Yes, I’ll publish sort of a Halloween wrap up tomorrow after I photograph Halloween in the French Quarter and a little something for All Saints Day.

Then, in a season of change, I’m making a change.

I’m going to photograph some nature for a while. That’s what it really seems you all like best. Even my one-handed-walk-in-the-park Instagram pictures receive more comments than what I think is my real work. Maybe that’s all social media really is… quick bits of ephemera that blows through like a breeze at night.

But, there’s more. I really am getting tired of being battered around photographing second line parades. The junk — abandoned buildings, broken streets and falling down cities  — that I photograph? Getting more and more sporty every day. Snakes. Baby alligators. Guys with guns. Wild dogs.

Back to social media. A guy I know is at some big deal music-digital conference in Spain. He’s been talking about what he’s learned and from who he’s learned it. So, I Googled around and found some of these “big time” players. Hmmmm…

First off, they ain’t so big.They just have opinions. They don’t have control.

Second, I read a lot of their case studies.They do pretty much what most of us do except they spend a lot of money to get there. The client’s money. More importantly, they define success by increasing clicks. By getting more Facebook likes. By getting more twitter follows. Not once do any of them talk about what really matters. Cash. You know, “Cash on the barrelhead son.” The thing that has no enemies. Quite frankly I don’t care about clicks, likes or follows if it doesn’t convert to earnings. No. I’m not some money-grubbing guy. But, why be bothered doing all this stuff if it doesn’t generate better kibbles for my dogs?

Make no mistake. I like pats on the head as much as the next guy. I like seeing what my friends — as defined by people I know in real life — are doing. I like their success. I like watching their children grow. I like seeing their grand children. I like keeping in touch.

Let’s see what happens. At least I won’t be dealing with guys with guns. The snakes and alligators will be in hibernation. The wild dogs? I’ve got my own dogs. They think they are wild… when they hop up on the bed, make a nest from the pillows and sleep all day. Yep. That’s wild. Alright.



  1. robert87004 says

    I like trees. They don’t move, much, don’t care if you take photos from every angle, don’t care much about what we do at all. And then, they have birds in them, at least sometimes. Now that you have piqued my curiosity….. 🙂


  2. One would think they don’t mind being photographed. Maybe they do…. heh, heh. They are a symbol of rebirth in almost culture. That’s why I take pictures of them.


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