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Halloween. Day Five.

Stars in her eyes.

Stars in her eyes.

This is a famous skeleton. I don’t know who. I don’t know why. But, she has stars in her eyes. A cool wig. And, ruby-red lipstick. Also, it appears that her face has been folded in half.

Don’t ask. I don’t know. I just saw it and photographed it. I did my best to make it one of those horizontal, tightly cropped portraits that I like to do of living and breathing human people. And, dogs.

Of course, the dogs won’t pose for me so I have to be sneaky. But, they are more sneaky than me. One of them waits until she hears that shutter release button and shakes her head from side to side. You know what I get? A ghost headed dog. The poodle is worse. I start to focus. He walks up to the lens as close as he can get. And, licks it.

At least this skeleton didn’t move. Not that she could.


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