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Hear that Music…

Second line music.

Second line music.

I’m not even sure what to write about this picture. This is what I saw. I focused, pressed the button…

It’s the Prince of Wales second line parade. Fourth parade of the season.

There are a couple of philosophical things to discuss. I suppose.

No matter how much talent you are blessed with, or think you are blessed with, there is no substitute for work ethic. I made this picture because I went into the bar where the paraders were getting ready. I pretty much just followed them out into the street. I walked with them and the band. That’s really what the term “second line” means. It’s the spectators who join the parade and usually walk behind it. Not me. I’m in the middle of it. That takes a lot of work in the hot sun. There is a lot of back stepping and trotting just to be able to stop, press the button and keep moving. This picture was made with a 16mm lens. That’s why there is reasonable sharpness front to back. It also illustrates just how closely I work. This picture isn’t cropped. I’m right there. This doesn’t make me special. It doesn’t make me anything. As I said to a photo pal on the scene, “I think I was a little too much IN the parade.” He laughed and said that was where I was supposed to be.

My second point is about what you do with your pictures online. I post in a lot of places. I write a little in order to help explain the picture. I know what kind of writer I am… I really hope that it is the picture that attracts you. Not my writing. In what twisted world would that be possible? I hope that I don’t have to sell you on the picture. Either you like it or you don’t. That’s my rule of thumb. Never oversell the picture. For me, it’s like being told 357 times time to buy some product. I can assure you that if I’m flooded with that kind of advertising, I will never buy the product. I probably won’t even look at it.

There you have it.



  1. great capture – 🙂
    and I agree with you “there is no substitute for work ethic”

    also, I love it when photographers share about the photo – it can really help bring it to life-


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