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Water for Friday

Peaceful day at Lake Ponchartrain.

Peaceful day at Lake Ponchartrain.

More Water. A little peaceful. A quiet Friday. Thankfully.

This place. Lake Ponchartrain. Many of you have seen it at dusk and sunset. That’s when I like to work. This is a little different for me. The scene looks like a nice summer day. It’s not. I made it two days ago. Autumn. Fall. Of course, the temperatures are still in the 90s. Or, high 30s for those of you who use Celsius as a temperature measurement system. We might as well still be in the middle of summer. This is unusual even by our standards.

This picture. Yes. I tinkered with it after the fact. I wanted to make the picture soft, dreamy and a little bit like cotton candy. Blue cotton candy. One more thing. A lot of people have been posting black and white pictures all over the internet calling them monochrome. By definition, this is monochrome too. Yeah, yeah. Those clouds are mostly composed of tiny bits of cyan.



  1. Moose says

    A truly peaceful photo. I am a sucker for blue, especially over water. The bluest water I ever saw was off the coast of Italy in 1986. Clear blue and you could see to the bottom. Love the photo! Moose


    • Thank you very much, Moose. Unfortunately, we don’t have really blue water here. The Gulf is pretty muddy and the lake — which this is — is brackish depending on inflow from the Gulf. On the other hand, if you travel to Destin FL you can come close to that wonderful blue you saw in Italy.


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