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Water… Still

Bayou St. John at dusk.

Bayou St. John at dusk.

I get it now. I often listen to the local NPR radio station while I work. They are getting ready to put on a play called — wait for it — “Water.” It’s a play about how water affects us in New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana. Just like a song, the notion of water has gotten stuck in my head. That’s okay. Since I live in swamp city, water should come into my mind. It should concern me. It’s everywhere. After all, I could be living in the west, where water is at a premium. But, I’m not. Luckily for me. Or, not. After all, we might just have too much water around here. We are sinking, ever sinking into the swamp. That’s a very simplistic way of talking about it, but you get the idea.  Eventually, there will be serious issues coming into play. Eventually? How about now?

This is Bayou St. John. It’s a bayou that flows from Lake Ponchartrain pretty deep into the city. A lot of it has been covered. At one time, it was a very heavily traveled water way with a lot of commercial boating and shipping. People lived on their boats. Eventually, that went away. In 1955, the bayou was blocked and drained to remove the garbage and trash that caused terrible smells. What kind of stuff did they find? Well, the bayou has been dredged a number of times. In 1878, a scuttled Confederate submarine was found near the mouth of the bayou. That’s just one thing. Probably the most interesting thing. Today, the bayou meanders along City Park and into the neighborhood called Bayou St. John. Nice place to live, eh?

The picture. Well, my post production might lead you to believe this place is like Disneyland. Compared to many places in New Orleans it is.



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