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Running from the rain storm.

Running from the rain storm.


We have a lot of it in swampville. We have so much water that the city government doesn’t really care about the main underground water pipes. We lose about 90,000,000 gallons of water per week due to leaks in the water pipe system. The state government tried to con, er, talk the federal government into paying for the repairs after Hurricane Katrina. But, alas, no matter what we think of the Feds, they aren’t that stupid.  Pretty stupid, but not that stupid. They knew that our pipes were laid in the late 19th Century. They have not been repaired very often. They have been maintained even less. They are old crockery pipes that were laid to replace the old pre-Civil War wooden pipes. Some of those old wooden pipes haven’t been replaces on neighborhood streets. I know. My house was built in 1854. What do you think the feeder pipers are made of?

Just think what California and most of the western states could do with an extra 90,000,000 gallons of water a week. They could drink it. They could grow crops. In one small California town, they could even turn the water back on to everybody’s homes. In Beverly Hills, they could water their lawns. Wait a minute. Did I just write that? Okay. They could wash their cars a couple of times a week. Huh?

So. This picture. I made it during a big rain storm in The French Quarter. I posted it because water is a big topic. But, also because I made a mistake. I know. I know. I made my last mistake in 1979, so it should be overlooked. But, still… I happened to casually mention yesterday right here on Storyteller that one of these days if I ever got organized I SHOULD, not WOULD, photograph the Mississippi River from end to end. Silly me. Some people got excited. I got Tweeted. I got comments on Facebook. I got emails. Thank you. All of you. It’s humbling that you think I could even do it, let alone do it well. But, I have no interest in long form projects that will cost me more than I could ever earn. Think about just this. One round trip (return trip to those of you in Commonwealth Countries) is 4,900 miles. 7885.8 kilometers to the rest of you in most of the world. That’s if you don’t stop and find stuff to photograph and locals to visit with and side roads and streets on which to get lost. Think about how much gas costs these days. There you go. That’s just one trip. Then there’s food, hotels and incidentals. Incidentals always cost the most. If you guys want to fund me, I’ll consider it. But, I’ll need a lot of money and somebody to explain to those around me why I’m breaking so many commitments to them.


Heh, heh, heh.



  1. robert87004 says

    Got to admit I’ve thought about that trip, a flat bottomed skiff, rainproof gear and a tarp over for night, sleep in the boat, take photos, a real American adventure starting in MN and letting the boat go in NO. Either that or the Appalachian Trail, practically the same thing, except the river. Dream number 3 and 4.


  2. Wow! That would get you killed anywhere south of Cairo, Illinois. By the time you got down here, you’d be sharing the river with huge freighters and very little portage. Me? Too lazy for that kind of trip. 🙂


  3. I’ve returned to this…….only an idiot, or a genius would try to take a shot like this…… I’m an idiot but would have to take a memory card full before one came out anything like this……and only an idiot or an aesthete would consider this to be proper photography……..I just wish I could let my hair down once in a while.

    Mantra……throw caution to the wind, Smithy,
    Love the dynamic and the saturation.


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