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To Everything There is a Season

Leaves Passing

Leaves Passing

To everything there is a season. A Biblical passage. A song that Bob Dylan wrote. A song that The Byrds made famous.

Right now, I just call the season fall. Autumn. It’s my favorite time of year to work away from an urban environment, which in this case, just means working in a park. I decided to take a long walk this morning. I’ve been hanging out inside for the past couple of days nursing something like stomach flu. No. Not Ebola. Stomach flu. I was depressing myself. I knew that the cure for my mood, if my head cleared, was to take a walk. I did that. An almost  three hour walk. I know what you’re thinking. Too much. Too soon. Nah. I sort of sauntered along, stopping to take pictures when the picture struck me. Or, the mood struck me.

These are the resulting pictures.

Not much to say about them except that I’m testing some new processing software call Capture One, which is made by Phase One. The company is very, very high-end. Usually, their software is used for tethering a camera to a computer while a photographer is taking pictures for some company like Tiffany. Most people know the name, Photoshop. They don’t know Phase One. It’s not ubiquitous. When people ask about photo manipulation they say something like, “Is it Photoshopped?” They don’t ask, “Is it Phase Oned?” The basic software makes images that are processed about as well as they can be. The highlights are creamy. The shadows are charcoal-like. The mid-tones are nice and full.


At The End

At The End

Coming Apart

Coming Apart



      • Ha ha, the grass is greener perhaps? I’m sure there are many people who would happily trade their cooler climes for your balmy sub-tropical one. But I do know what you mean… Autumn colours are sublime 🙂


  1. Balmy? Sheesh. 🙂 Summer, which lasts from April through yesterday, averages well into the 90s (Very high 30s to you) with about 85-90% humidity. It’s brutal here for those months. We live in modern times — at least three changes of clothes and three showers a day if you work outside.


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