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A little too much...

A little too much…

We watch Netflix. Netflix tells you when a television series you’ve been watching has new episodes.

Like Walking Dead. Season 4.

For those of you who don’t watch the show, it’s basically a video produced from a comic book about life after some huge armageddon when zombies rule the planet. Or at least, the country. You know. Walkers. Biters. Night of the Living Dead kind of stuff. But worse. Far worse. It never ends. It’s pretty well done.

I don’t get very political here — or anywhere, for that matter — but it occurs to me that zombies already do rule the country. Or was that drones?

That bit of nonsense written, the show is very violent. Bleak. Dystopian. And, it spurred a huge amount of zombie anything. Zombie flying monkeys who turn into lawyers. That may be the best thing I read. Or, was that the other way around?

This picture really isn’t about the show as much as it is about its propping, location selection and color hue. I think that I have the color hue about right. Props? Well, I’m not a production crew. Locations? It appears they are all over the south. There is a website — well really it’s WordPress-based  — that lists every location by episode. I’ll eventually get into that. I’m not that big of a fan to study these things. But, maybe I can go there and take pictures. And, my timing? Oh. Good as usual. Season Five starts in 11 days. We won’t be watching it then. We binge watch via Netflix.

This location. You’ve visited this place with me in the past. Many times. Just not this view. I’ve been saving it. It’s that timing thing again. It is the powerhouse. Down by the riverside.

Quick edit. How cool. WordPress’ very own spell check thinks that “wordpress” is spelled in correctly. Makes you wonder.



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