The caption says it all. Fall comes. Finally. Yes, I’ll publish sort of a Halloween wrap up tomorrow after I photograph Halloween in the French Quarter and a little something for All Saints Day. Then, in a season of change, I’m making a change. I’m going to photograph some nature for a while. That’s what […]

Yes. I’m still doing the Halloween thing. I’ll work a good part of the evening tonight and again tomorrow night on all things seasonal. But, I was sort of boring myself with spooky stuff. I can just imagine how you feel. So, I thought how about a seasonal picture of a different sort? I saw this […]

One more picture to go. Tomorrow night I’ll be chasing the Krewe of Boo, New Orleans very own Halloween parade. And, because we always overdo everything in this city, I’ll just be roaming the streets of the Quarter on Halloween night when just about everybody goes crazy, as well as chasing spirits through the grave yards […]

That’s right. Clown or witch. It’s all the same to me. But. I’d rather it be a witch. I’m one of those people who thinks clowns are scary. I don’t know why. Maybe I had a bad clown experience. At a circus. Maybe, it’s when I watch our political leaders discuss just about anything in […]

This is a famous skeleton. I don’t know who. I don’t know why. But, she has stars in her eyes. A cool wig. And, ruby-red lipstick. Also, it appears that her face has been folded in half. Don’t ask. I don’t know. I just saw it and photographed it. I did my best to make […]

This picture has everything. Skeletons. St. Charles Avenue. Streetcars. Blue Light. Speeding Traffic. A wrought iron fence. It isn’t particularly scary. But, it does give you a sense of place. If you know anything about New Orleans, you know where you are.  If you’ve been with me for very long you know about this place. It’s a […]

Day two. Halloween. I found this lovely lady on Royal Street. In the Quarter. I knew she would be there. Or something like her. This place is always dressed for the holidays. Christmas. Mardi Gras. Halloween. It’s a funny thing about New Orleans people. We may not have a big house. A fancy car. A […]