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More Testing

Test Number One

Test Number One

I wish I could say that I’m bored. That would be a great excuse. But, I’m not.

I am, however, trying to decide if I should license this painting software when its term expires.

Before I write much further, I agree with someone who replied and said she preferred the sharpness of photographs. I agree. Sometimes. But, my best work isn’t always sharp. For a long time, I made a living photographing stuff a low shutter speeds and small apertures just so the images would have a dream, painterly feel to it. Please see the original picture at the bottom for an example of that.

Besides, I think hyper-sharpness is a digital construct. We talk mega pixels, we talk sensors, we talk about lens qualities. That’s all great. Or, just stuff as the late Ernst Haas would say. What is important to me is the intent. The feel. The look.

Does this software help me to get there?

Or, can I do it on my own without the aid of painting manipulation software?

What do y’all think about these three pictures?

I’ll tell you something. If I could paint in real life I would.

Oh yeah. Algiers Point, down the neighborhood around The Crescent City Connection. In the pouring rain. At dusk.

Test Number Two

Test Number Two

Original. A photograph.

Original. A photograph.



  1. I know a lot of people who try to make their paintings look like photographs and vice versa. I think its personal preference…whatever you have enjoyment doing…do it. I have been an artist for thirty years (fine art), and I love to try and make my photos look like fine art!!! Go figure! The odd time I will try for greater detail in my photographs but I’m not bound by the camera. I look at each photograph and decide whats best, artistic or detail. Personally, I like your top photo…but that’s just me. Anyway…that’s my thoughts ~ Dave


    • Thank you for that. I’m really a reformed photojournalist. Right now, I’m pretty much just experimenting with the idea of making photographs look like paintings altho I have always tinkered with photographs in the darkroom and now digitally. I always say that the picture teaches me how to finish it, just like I say that the scene teaches me how to photograph it. Likely, I’ll walk away from they heavy painting. We’ll see. — Ray

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  2. I like all three. The original is done well enough to be actually the best. The difference in the paintings is too subtle to really give it another feeling from the photos. and the type of sky – in my opinion – actually detract from the image
    If you allow me, I would suggest that you find a particular painting style that suits your feeling for the look you best respond to, then going by degrees much farther than the original photo. First of all check Vlaminck, a Dutch painters in the Fauve movement, who seems to me to be close to some of your images of nature, houses, and landscapes. Check all the impressionist painters and go all the way to cubism, expressionism (for your photos of people especially), check also the American painters, to see what you like, then choose or mix and meld, to obtain something that is uniquely yours. It does no matter one quid if you do not hand paint a painting. We do not think that a letter typed on an Olivetti or Remington is better than what we do on the computer. I believe that there is such a demand for graphic programs that licensing your own software is not bad idea at all if it can be done relatively easily without a battalion of intellectual property attorneys at your elbow – but you probably know more about it than I do. I think that huge and constant manipulation of images done by people who take photos, amateurs or professionals, is often such an exaggeration as to distort an otherwise acceptable or very good photo. I am sick and tired of waterfalls and fast river water looking like whipped cream for instance.
    That was my two bits… you may already know all that anyway. Bye, Vera

    PS: not all the images offered by ‘google images’ under ” Vlaminck” are actually his, better look at Wikipedia or other sources that stick to him only, and talk about Fauvism too. I do not like his rendition of people, but his landscapes are among my favorites – check those !


    • Thank you, Vera. Wow. I have a really strange artistic background. As I wrote below, I am a reformed photojournalist who studied a lot of Impressionistic artists. I’m a great follower of really only one American artist, Georgie O’Keeffe.I’m really not retrying to be like any of them, but I do tend to head toward the impressionistic side of things. If you get a chance, Google Ernst Haas and his book, The Creation. That’s really my greatest influence in the photography world. As far as software goes, I wouldn’t make own. I have no patience for that. I usually buy somebody else’s basic system and tinker around.

      The whipping cream river? That’s a slow exposure thing in the camera. I never use it that way. I do make those exposures in places where you don’t expect them. Ray


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