Color,, Photographs, Ray Laskowitz
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A Simple Thing



It’s a simple thing. Really.


These signs are all over New Orleans. I happen to stumble upon this one in Central City.

Nobody knew who or what was tacking them up in hard to reach places. It turns out that they are an installation art piece. There has been a lot of conversation about their meaning. Huh? What do you think love means?

Here’s the quote from a guy who calls himself, “John H”, as published in The local newspaper. He’s been tacking them up.

“You are talking about two friends that started with a simple dream and big hopes and put up 350 little signs across the metro area,” John H. wrote “… The signs are a do-it-yourself social experiment with great personal hopes for improving life in NOLA for everyone.”

Two points.

One. They are illegal. But, how can you dislike them?

Two. They are being posted in places where a violent death took place. Sacred ground, in my book.

All good, as far as I’m concerned.





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