Yes. We start them out young here. Even though this is a picture of a second line parade — The Young Men Olympian Junior Benevolent Association to be exact — it is more about my evolving working style. It’s how I like to work these days. In the middle of things. Up close. And, personal. […]

Streetcar. Not trolley. Not tram. Streetcar. That’s what we call them in New Orleans. As in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Yes. There is a street named Desire. There is a neighborhood named Desire. And, once upon a time there was a street car line that ran through the French Quarter, through the Bywater and towards the […]

Vaughn’s. A typical southern juke joint. Bar. Music Hall. Lounge. In fact, their official name is Vaughn’s Lounge. Or, it’s just a neighborhood bar. A dive. A place where on most nights, everybody knows your name. My kinda place. Free food is served during Saints games. Trumpet player Kermit Ruffins used to have a regular […]

This is a spin on old advertising saying. “Parts is parts and pieces is pieces.” If I recall correctly, somebody was advertising fried chicken. This isn’t fried chicken. This is the internal working of an old watch. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of some of my dad’s old stuff on Instagram. Everybody […]

I wish I could say that I’m bored. That would be a great excuse. But, I’m not. I am, however, trying to decide if I should license this painting software when its term expires. Before I write much further, I agree with someone who replied and said she preferred the sharpness of photographs. I agree. […]

It’s a simple thing. Really. Love. These signs are all over New Orleans. I happen to stumble upon this one in Central City. Nobody knew who or what was tacking them up in hard to reach places. It turns out that they are an installation art piece. There has been a lot of conversation about […]

Since today is officially the first day of Autumn, I thought it might be a good to wrap up some of the junk I photographed over the summer. These are the odds and ends of about six rambles through the city at all different times, over many days. Some pictures were driven by the light […]

A friend of mine, a musician to be precise, once said to me that he went out to listen to a brass band when they were touring. They happened to stop in Seattle, where he lives. He used one word to describe them. Chaotic. Yes. That’s right. But, they are from New Orleans. New Orleans […]

Famed war photographer, Robert Capa once said, “If the picture isn’t good enough you weren’t close enough.” An old friend pointed out that could mean different things. It could mean physically. Or, it could mean something a little more metaphysical. I think I have the physical part down cold. The metaphysical part, not so much. […]