Sketches of a Jazz Funeral

Going home. Flying away. Sadness. Celebration. A Jazz funeral. If you’re ever in New Orleans and you are lucky enough to see one, be sure to remember one thing. It may by big, bright and bold. But, somebody passed. For all the wonderful music, all the joyous noise and the well and brightly dressed participants… SomebodyContinue reading “Sketches of a Jazz Funeral”

As Good As Mine…

Your guess is as good as mine. I really have no idea why there is an elephant painted on the side of an abandoned house. Sheesh. I’m not even sure if I could find it again to ask. I was going home from the Katrina memorial second line when I decided to take the long way justContinue reading “As Good As Mine…”

“Representing Him on the Wall.”

Remember. Remember. Remember. That was the Big Chiefs chant. The crowd took it up. We chanted. When it was time to pray for those who passed on this very spot, we did that too. Then… We walked. We danced. We sang. We made a second line. That’s what we do down here. Down here in NewContinue reading ““Representing Him on the Wall.””

Dead Flowers, Faded Beads, Vampires & Ghosts

Changes. I thought that I’d take you on a tour of St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. At least, I’ll show you a few details as I saw them. If things look a little bit worn, keep in mind that this place has been under water. A couple of times. Keep in mind that it’s old.Continue reading “Dead Flowers, Faded Beads, Vampires & Ghosts”

It May Seem So

Before the storm, this place was plain scary. Now, it’s just scary. It was a kind of no man’s land that was one of those places that you shouldn’t go into alone. But, the storm cleared out the bad guys. Most of the nearby housing was torn down. They moved to other parts of the city.Continue reading “It May Seem So”


A little change of pace.  A couple of you were asking what happened to my more dystopian work. You didn’t use that word, but that’s the proper term. I think one of you said the word that I normally use. Junk. So. Last week, no matter what else I photographed, I made sure to circle aroundContinue reading “Lakeview”

The Chaos of Light

There must be something in the air today. The morning started this way.  A friend of mine wrote in his blog about art and photography. Let’s call him Andy, because that’s his name. He wants to know if he’s an artist. You can read it here. Go to today’s post. My reply is simple. “IContinue reading “The Chaos of Light”

Decisive Moment. Sorta.

I almost forgot. Yesterday would have been be Henri Cartier Bresson’s 100 birthday. For those of you who don’t know of him, he was my photographic grandfather. He was that to a couple of generations of photographers. He was maybe best known for the phrase “decisive moment.” When the 35mm Leica camera was created, he adoptedContinue reading “Decisive Moment. Sorta.”

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